All of our sweet packages average three items per person and include consultation, design concept, candy, rental of all apothecary jars, dishes, stands, decor, linens, floral accents, set up and tear down.


Classy | simple and classy, designed for 60 guests.

◇ mini cupcakes
◇ sparkle cherries
◇ meringues
◇ shaped marshmallows
◇ pie pops

◇ cake pops
◇ chocolate covered pretzels
◇ doughnuts
◇ mini doughnuts
◇ macarons

Chic | stylish and elegant, designed for 100-120 guests.

Choose from any of the desserts in our Classy package plus:

◇ mini gold doughnuts
◇ themed sugar cookies
◇ cupcakes

◇ chocolate covered strawberries
◇ rice krispy treat pops


Scintillating | an exclusive table designed for 170-200+ guests.

Choose from any of the desserts in our Classy & Chic packages plus:

◇ mini cakes
◇ gold doughnuts
◇ ice wine cupcakes

◇ chocolate/candy dipped apples
◇ personalized m&m's
◇ sugarfina candy

If there is something that you would like that you do not see, don't hesitate to ask us. Contact us today for a quote.

* Gluten Free and Vegan options available upon request.